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Welcome to Florida Law Commentary, a website devoted to trends in Florida law, specifically focused on new decisions issued by Florida courts. 

This project began several years ago with Florida Arbitration, which had an intentionally narrow scope.  Ironically, the common mistake of bloggers is to take on too much of a topic; arbitration was great, and certainly enough for a blog, but the challenge of keeping up a blog was met and overcome.  In fact, we’ll continue to keep that blog going.

Over the years, even with plenty of material, the desire to discuss other developments outside of arbitration/mediation could not be ignored.  The temptation to address other topics grew simply too great. 

This (new) site provides an unrestricted platform which hopefully will not be too overwhelming. The primary goal of the site is to report and comment on critically important decisions as they come out — before it hits the paper copy of Florida Law Weekly — and before that hot new case makes the rounds in the courthouse.  The final intent is to report on trials, new concepts, legal news, and practice theories.  Maybe even rumor.  Who knows.  

The intended readers are likely Florida lawyers, if not specifically Palm Beach lawyers, and others interested in civil litigation developments in this state.  An emphasis on contracts, construction, health care, negligence, nursing home/ALF, probate, and wrongful death law should become apparent. 

This site is pure opinion, not always serious, and none of this is intended as legal advice.  It’s not an advertisement.  You know not to believe everything you read on the internet.  Also, there’s no sharing of blame: nothing here should be construed as the opinions of any law firm, client, business entity or anyone else other than the author.  In fact, whatever is written here may simply be a passing notion.

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