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Theme Park Lawsuits, part II

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

The Orlando Sentinel ran part two of their article on personal injury lawsuits against Orlando theme parks, complete both with a searchable database as well as an interactive map.

Disney and Universal could not have paid for better advertising: the article threatens that theme park suits are lengthy (”rarely back down”) and give the example of one losing plaintiff who ended up owing fees to Disney totaling over $125,000.

Check out Trips, Slips Dominate Theme Park Lawsuits.

Orlando Sentinel Studies Theme Park Lawsuits

Monday, March 30th, 2009

The Orlando Sentinel undertook a study of personal injury suits filed against the Central Florida theme parks.  Full story is here, “Theme Park Lawsuits Leave Questions of Safety Unanswered.”

Ironically, we just covered an opposite story where a Disney visitor claimed that the rides helped her medical condition, here.

Quick hits:

1.  477 personal injury lawsuits filed against the parks since 2004;

2.  101 of the 477 involved claims of ride injuries;

3. Not a single ride-injury case has gone to trial;

4. 23 of the 101 cases are still pending;

5.  Theme parks are exempt from state inspections/reporting required for carnivals;

6.  9 of the 101 ride-injury cases were reported to the state;

7.  24 of the 101 ride-injury cases involve claims that the attractions were inherently dangerous (i.e., not that there was a failure or negligence).

Fort Lauderdale Judge Leaps Bench to Protect Witness

Friday, March 27th, 2009

The Miami Herald, Sun-Sentinel and even TMZ.com have “jumped” on the story of Broward County Judge Ian Richards who lept to save a witness from being attacked by the criminal defendant who had just been told he was going to jail.  Judge Richards has been on the bench for less than two months.

Media attention came from as far away as England while the headlines ranged from “Super Judge” to “Bad Ass Judge“…

Video is here.  We note one of the Miami Herald comments criticizes the “suits” lawyers for running rather than assisting.  Watch the video and see if that’s how you interpret the lawyers — or anyone’s — reactions.  Remember, of course, the judge too is a lawyer…  Your comments welcome below.

Exploding Apple iTouch Lawsuit in Kentucky?

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

A special thanks to our friends at Findlaw.com who noted this “breaking legal document” story out of Kentucky.  A high school student is suing Apple and others for personal injuries, and loss of the iTouch, when it exploded in his pants pocket while at school.  According to the lawsuit, the family bought the iTouch in November 2008 and, within three weeks, it popped and caught fire in his pants while at school.  We note the exceptional and unnecessary details about a friend helping him remove his pants and that he burned his spandex underwear…

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