Following Trends in Florida Law

Florida Paralegal Association & Internet Social Networking

Thank you to the Paralegal Association of Florida - Boca Raton Chapter for the very kind invitation to speak about “Social Networking Websites for Fun and Research” at their January 14, 2010 meeting.

This presentation grew out of the Spring 2009 article, “Internet Social Networking Sites for Lawyers,” which was one of the first published articles to discuss using Facebook, Twitter, and others for law firm marketing as well as jury selection.  That article was published in the Trial Advocate Quarterly; it also is available under “Articles” on the right column of this website.

Since that article, there have been a number of developments including the fact that Facebook reset its community’s privacy settings to “Everyone.”  This creates greater potential researching options for lawyers and paralegals — as well as greater need for individuals to pay attention to their privacy settings.

The powerpoint for the presentation can be found under “Materials” along the right column at FloridaLawCommentary.com (scroll down).

At the meeting we discussed steps to secure your own privacy rights — for further discussion, take a look at this article, “8 Steps to Regain Control of Facebook Privacy.”

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